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The Article from the E-magazine:

'Experiencing gifts from other dimensions'.

Lisette Berkeveld had the feeling from an early age that she wanted to be of service to a greater whole. What that was exactly didn't matter to her as long as it would result in the creation of unity. As a child, Lisette felt this unity very strongly. She describes it as a realization of 'I am you and you are me'. This realization remained with her even though it sometimes led to awkward situations, such as during her adolescence. She was far too open and had no clear boundaries to her energy field, according to Lisette. That experience has made her realize that it is nice to see yourself as an individual and to discover what you like and what your limits are. It has a clear function to move from a unity awareness to an individual awareness, even if it is something that adults often admire in children.

As individuals we have a function in a larger whole. Lisette also calls this our program in life. Lisette's program has brought her to a collaboration with beings from another dimension such as Angels and light beings. Their goal is to make people remember who they really are so that they can regain their strength.

This is done through consultations in which Lisette works with someone who lies on a massage table. Energetically anything can happen to the person on the table. They are literally 'taken in hand'. Like a kind of dance, light codes are placed in your system that bring about changes that allow you to experience yourself more consciously. The light codes ensure that the program you live changes in a positive way. In this way, physical complaints can disappear or stuck beliefs can change.

All complaints that we experience physically or emotionally are due to an energy imbalance. During a treatment, the light beings can supply and remove energy so that a person's energy is brought back into balance. Sometimes Lisette receives information about what happens energetically to you during the treatment. It may sound vague and from our perspective it is. Lisette herself calls it a fairytale wonderland in which she can experience wonderful things herself.

Lisette has organized many meetings in the field of healing in recent years. She calls these meetings Kick-ass Healing Circles. The name 'kick-ass' was chosen because it is not only subtle. People sit down or lie down and they feel very clearly that something is actually happening! For example, you may experience that there are Angels who support you in awakening unity consciousness. The great thing about the 'kick-ass' meetings is that it is like a ripple in the water. It affects your life and can even change your environment with you because we are all connected. The people who come by for a private consultation or go to the 'kick-ass' meeting experience this very clearly. Lisette often receives many thank you messages by email after such a meeting. She herself says about this; 'This work makes me a very happy person! 'I' do this with all my heart. 'I' in quotes, because I am being sent. It is my wish that as many people as possible can receive this.