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Aventurine - The stone of the joy of life

Aventurine - The stone of the joy of life

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This special yellow Aventurine lets the joy of life flow again. This way you can more easily access your positive energy. She also supports you in finding passion in your life.
We activated and coded it for you. This means that it is no longer a normal gemstone but a POWERHOUSE. She is connected to very high vibrations, so you will experience support from the higher spheres more quickly. An angel you want to bring into your home. ✨
And not only that, she provides new balance, passion, energy and a clean energy system. Perfect if you have an extra need for passion and a positive feeling. She supports you to let your POSITIVE energy flow. It is an activating stone that is coded in such a way that when you hold it, the energy transfer takes place IMMEDIATELY!
In short, this beautiful angel gives you:
*joy for life
*discharges negativity
*very high vibration in the energy ✨

All our gemstones have been cleansed, charged and reactivated. This makes the stones stand out extra well. You will feel this as soon as you hold the stones in your hands, a positive energy transfer takes place immediately.

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