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Jade leather bracelet - gypsy style - Manifestation stone!

Jade leather bracelet - gypsy style - Manifestation stone!

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This bracelet helps you to manifest what you desire from your heart! It is also very nice to carry with you while you sleep. It harmonizes your dream life. As a result, you will notice that you wake up more rested . This bracelet also ensures that the Divine energy from the cosmos will penetrate your energy field and your body, so that you will experience an immediate increase in vibration . As soon as you wear this bracelet, you will be able to experience the energy.

In short, the jade:

*Manifestation bracelet
*Vibration increase
*Harmonizes your dream life
*Provides energy
*Helps you sleep better

All our gemstones have been cleansed, charged and reactivated. This makes the stones stand out extra well. You will feel this as soon as you hold the stones in your hands, a positive energy transfer takes place immediately. The gemstone may look slightly different than in the photo, this is because each gemstone is unique.
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