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Labradorite: Angel pendant + chain for Protection

Labradorite: Angel pendant + chain for Protection

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This beautiful angel is coded especially for you from a higher consciousness,
with the coding: Protection.

' A sheath of light will protect you'.

Labradorite protects you against external influences,
This means you get tired less quickly and you can keep your focus on what you want,
from your heart.

You will receive a free cord. You can indicate the desired color when ordering.
Choice of: white, purple, blue, pink and brown.

Gosh, and then I find this green Angel in my mailbox from Lisette Berkeveld today and then I think everything falls into place. Lisette, thank you for your beautiful clear message, it gives me a lot of support and comfort. Don't think and believe everything I think, but feel! And that's what's going to happen now, hear me say, it's been happening for a long time!
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