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Turquoise nature split bracelet - For luck and prosperity

Turquoise nature split bracelet - For luck and prosperity

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Turquoise is a gemstone that promotes happiness and prosperity . That is the reason why these gemstones were worn by kings and pharaohs.

Turquoise protects against external influences, restores and maintains the balance between body and mind and helps you to be decisive. It also helps to neutralize heartbreak, so that you can go through it more easily. This bracelet is a solution for highly sensitive people, because it protects you and easily removes stimuli, so that you can quickly regain your own strength.

Nice to know:

  • This gemstone is a neutralizing stone, allowing you to quickly access your authentic energy
  • He gives you the peace of mind that gives you the overview again
  • Worn by Kings and Pharaohs


In short, the Turquoise bracelet:

  • Helps with heartbreak
  • Neutralizes heavy energy
  • Gives peace
  • Energetic protector
  • Grounding
  • Brings balance
  • Perfect bracelet for HSPs

All our gemstones have been cleansed, charged and reactivated. This makes the stones stand out extra well. You will feel this as soon as you hold the stones in your hands, a positive energy transfer takes place immediately. Turquoise does not tolerate water well and does not like bright sunlight.

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