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Raw Green Emerald Calcite - The bringer of joy in life

Raw Green Emerald Calcite - The bringer of joy in life

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This green emerald calcite will actually make you happy immediately! He brings joy of life, love, happiness and lightness into motion. It increases your decisiveness, self-confidence, concentration and opens your heart chakra with a certain softness that is very pleasant.

If you need motivation or have been a bit sad lately, then this stone is for you. It supports you with love in your process.

It also knows how to deal with worrying thoughts , because this beautiful gemstone ensures that peace can find its way back into your head.

The rough emerald calcite in short:
Brings peace, balance, softness
Self confidence
Opens heart chakra

All our gemstones have been cleansed, charged and reactivated. This makes the stones stand out extra well. You will feel this as soon as you hold the stones in your hands, a positive energy transfer takes place immediately.

These gemstones may have a different shape than in the photo, each stone is unique. Of course, the operation still remains fantastic.
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