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Stylish bracelets for men

Stylish bracelets for men

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This combination of bracelets is perfect for the real man. These bracelets are larger and 20cm long.

1. The tiger's eye bracelet provides strength, decisiveness and energetic protection.
2. The lava bracelet is an extremely good grounding stone. It lowers you into your body and thus brings peace and space.
3. It looks cool !

In short, this perfect combination for the man offers:

  • Transformation
  • Energetic protection
  • Breaking patterns
  • Gives decisiveness
  • Very good grounding
  • Provides a sharp focus
  • Good energetic flow

All our gemstones have been cleansed, charged and reactivated. This makes the stones stand out extra well. You will feel this as soon as you hold the stones in your hands, a positive energy transfer takes place immediately.

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