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22 juli Volle Maansessie

22 juli Volle Maansessie

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During the build-up of the Full Moon you can feel your own energy stir. Unaware layers of our consciousness that need attention will come to the surface. It is possible that you are not sleeping well, or are feeling cranky, all of this is for releasing the old. Our subconsciousness is our helper, she helps to make the invisible visible by bringing it to the surface. This can be experienced as painful and unpleasant. Try to see it as a loving invitation to be able to release.

During this session we will help you to release the old pieces quickly and easily, so you can breathe again and experience space in your energetic system. It is a powerful session that can leave you with feelings of relieve and happiness.

Also, we will put a pillar of light around you, to protect you against negative energy, so you can fully enjoy the light that you are.

How does it work:

Step 1: you register for the session
Step 2: you receive an email with extra information
Step 3: You relax sitting or lying down and receive the energy that I channel for you in your energetic system. I will see your energy field and we will bring that in balance first before the energy is able to arrive correctly. After that I will pass the energy on to you, this is done through your name.
Step 4: afterwards you will receive an email with the findings of this evening.

Max of 20 persons. Time: 04.00-04.30  A.M. European Time. Date: 20th of June
Please note! This is not a substitute for a treatment of a doctor or specialist. Therefor always visit a doctor or specialist. You are always responsible for entering this meeting.
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